Clear Strategy Company was established in 1997 by three engineers in an effort to provide sound, practical and promptly executed market research, clear and information directed marketing strategy development, as well as activity implementation management consulting. The company is primarily active in Sub-Saharan Africa across an ever widening spectrum of markets.

Our philosophy focuses on the development of all marketing decision making from a sound information base, ensuring knowledge of both internal and external situations is considered throughout the development process. Our belief is that clear strategy may not be developed without a sound information platform and that the customer experience is paramount in developing these strategies.

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Our Aim...
Our aim is to develop and supply marketing information products which facilitate effective strategic decision making in the areas of marketing and customer service management
Customer Service Improvement

Clear Strategy Company is the leading customer service improvement consultancy in South Africa

we offer the following activities in assisting our customers achieve excellent customer service standards

  • customer service strategy development
  • customer handling process development
  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • video mystery shopping (contact us for a no cost pilot)
  • service improvement consulting (information directed)
  • ongoing / long term approach
video mystery shopping lies at the heart of our offering and ensures absolute objectivity when developing excellence in customer service

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